Done Talking?

Bringing together 11 enthusiastic participants with 3 communication experts and an excellent teacher, this week saw the first workshop “Are You Still Talking?” on Science Communication. Many thanks to Therese Schedifka,  Liesbeth de Bakker, Jasper van Winden, Norma Jeane Mortenson, our speaker Mark Bos , and my co-organiser Mirko Schäfer for their support in making this workshop a success! Continue reading Done Talking?

New Faces (some not so new)

February – time to say good-bye to Bryan who has finished his excellent Bachelor’s thesis late last month, but also time to say welcome to two new Bachelor students, Sander and Stefan, and a Master’s student, Mark, from Catalonia.

Molecular Biophysics Group, February 2016
Molecular Biophysics Group, February 2016

From left to right-ish: Marion, Hans, Sasha, Johannes, Jantina, Imaad, Dave, Sajjad, Gerhard, Mark, Stefan, Sander, and Sergey. Sadly absent, Jacobine, Job, and Chenghui.