Our Optical Tweezer Review published as E-book.

Our review article “Optical Tweezers Approaches for Probing Multiscale Protein Mechanics and Assembly,” written in collaboration with Prof. Nancy Forde from Simon Fraser University, has been added to the Frontier in Physics Research Topic collection “Optical Trapping and Nanosurgery.” The collection can be downloaded (PDF or EPUB) from the link above.

K Lehmann, M Shayegan, Gerhard A. Blab, N R Forde: Optical Tweezers Approaches for Probing Multiscale Protein Mechanics and Assembly. In: Frontiers in Molecular Biosciences, vol. 7, 2020.

Masters and Bachelor Research Projects Available

We are looking for experimentally interested Masters and/or Bachlor students want to do their thesis project on the topic of OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography, with PhD candidate Pegah Asgari). OCT is an microscopy techique that allows to visualize small, sub-nanometre changes in a sample by means of interference. The ulitmate goal is to visualize electrophysiologic Action Potentials in live cells noninvasively, using optical means alone.

The project will involve learning how to operate the OCT system, but depending on the qualifications and interests of the student, it can be tailored towards a more experimentally oriented work, or focus more on theoretical aspects such as data and noise analysis — the latter being of utmost importance for an optical technique with picometre sensitivity!

If you are intested and want to know more, please contact Gerhard Blab!