Job Fermie

Doctoral Candidate, Correlative Microscopy, 3D-Confocal Microscopy in FIB/SEM (STW programme Microscopy Valley)

tel: +088. 755.7644

Research Description

Correlative flurescence (light) and electron microscopy aims to combine the strengths of these two types of microscopy. The combination of techniques allows us to quickly identify regions of interest by fluorescence, followed by much higher resoltion, ultrastructural examination by EM. With the development of integrated solutions for CLEM, there is a need for new specimen preparation techniques, as FM and EM have distinct requirements for optimal imaging.

The goal of my project is to develop a toolbox for correlative imaging of cells in FM and focused ion beam scanning EM (FIB-SEM). We will focus on two distinct approaches:

  • Live-cell imaging of cultured cells subsequently followed by imaging in FIB-SEM, with focus on subcellular organelles.
  • Integrated correlative microscopy: preparation of samples directly usable in a FIB-SEM equipped with a fully functional confocal fluorescence microscope.

I will use this toolbox to examine biogenesis of lysosomal proteins, and other questions related to the endo-lysosomal system.


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