A hearty welcome to the new Master’s students

It is September, so it is the time to welcome the Experimental Physics class 2015.  For them and other people interested in our programme – it’s the best, so you should be interested! – below the slides of the introduction.

UU Masterintroduction Experimental Physics V082015

Best of luck, and the best of time for the next two years and your study here in Utrecht!

Some useful links and info:

  • general information about the master’s programme (link)
  • page for students enrolled in the programme (link)
  • year rooster (link)
  • the CERN summer student programme.
  • register as “Master Physics Bijvak” at UvA to get a student number there, making dealing with Nikhef much easier. You will need a confirmation that you have paid tuition, which you can request from student services (“bewijs betaald collegegeld“).
  • erratum: as you already know if you read this on this web page, dot-EU, not dot-NL.

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