Former Members

Bachelor Student, “Förster and Dexter Energy Transfer in Fluorescent Dyes.”

Ornstein Lab OL 058

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Bachelor Student, “PALM data analysis”

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Postdoctoral Researcher; Nanoparticle Synthesis and Cation Exchange (NanoReg2)

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Bachelor Student, “Anisotropy Microscopy / Image Registration”, Ornstein Lab OL 056a

Bachelor Student, “Super-resolution Microscopy / SLM”, Ornstein Lab OL 056a


Due to setting up a new home page, this is a work in progress and not all former members are featured on this page. If you are a former member of the group not yet on this page, please send me an image and a short blurb of what you are up to now, and it will be my pleasure to add you to this list!