What would a university be without teaching? Our group is involved in the bachelor programme “Physics and Astronomy” and the master programme “Experimental Physics“. There are also several places and projects for master- and bachelor-level students to do their research projects.

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Just as the academic year is starting today, September 5, it is my pleasure to welcome all new Master’s students of the programme “Experimental Physics”.  (read more…)

Looking for the best place to study physics?(*) Look no further — today, all the Exact (Bèta) Sciences will tell you why Utrecht is the place to come to when it comes to your science master studies! The master evening starts at 5pm in the Hijmans van den Berghgebouw on the Uithof (close to the UMC hospital).

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Time flies when you should be doing other things. It is already September, again, so a hearty welcome to the freshmen and -women of the Master’s Programme Experimental Physics!

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Today we welcome 17 students of the Quantitative Bio-Imaging Spring Course in our lab. The best and brightest of Utrecht Life Sciences will learn about using fluorescence techniques that can be used to study molecular interactions, and the limits and pitfalls of data analysis.

Sheets of part 2:
20160310_MC_Qbio Spingschool_Images and Data

Bringing together 11 enthusiastic participants with 3 communication experts and an excellent teacher, this week saw the first workshop “Are You Still Talking?” on Science Communication. Many thanks to Therese Schedifka,  Liesbeth de Bakker, Jasper van Winden, Norma Jeane Mortenson, our speaker Mark Bos , and my co-organiser Mirko Schäfer for their support in making this workshop a success! (read more…)