Research Projects

As we do a lot of research in the department, likewise a research thesis is a large part of your bachelor or master degree. We have up to 4 places for bachelor or master students in our group:

  • Camera-based lifetime measurements. Use a modern CMOS camera in combination with a micro controller to generate life-time images of μs-lifetime phosphorescent molecules (open – requires some experimental and computer skills)
  • Characterization of Fluorophores for Super-Resolution Microscopy (supporting the PhD work of Sajjad Mohammadian  on integrated light- and electron-microscopy)
  • Optical Beam Shaping with an SLM (supporting the PhD work of Immad Mohammadian on super-resolution microscopy)
  • Image Analysis (open spot – programming ImageJ/Java)
  • Simulation of Energy Transfer in Nano-material Aggregates (open – programming, supporting the PhD work of Jantina Fokkema)
  • Centrifugal Force Microscopy

We have several open spots for interested bachelor and master students – for more information, contact Gerhard Blab and make an appointment to visit our lab in the Ornstein Building!

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